“United Rentals has been doing business with Delta Publishing for 13 years now. . . . With our logo and telephone number that stands out on the calendar-schedules, it keeps United Rentals on our customers’ minds daily. . . . the investment in this has shown great return to our business. We appreciate the continued business with Delta Publishing and look forward to our future business relationship.”

Ronnie Pique
Branch Manager
United Rentals

“We at Knoxville Rubber & Gasket Co. would like to thank you for supplying the Tennessee Football Calendar and Schedule for the past 25 years. It has been a great item of conversation and sales enhancement … Our customers are always looking forward to receiving their calendar and viewing the newest picture of ‘The Big Orange’. These calendars have been a real door opener for our company.”

Gary L. Nelson
Operations Manager
Knoxville Rubber & Gasket Co, Inc.

“We have been purchasing UT football calendar-schedules from Delta Publishing for 23 years and the NASCAR calendar-schedule for the past 10 years. Each year our customers ask us for these promotional products and display them with pride in their businesses. What a great way to keep the Duo-Fast name in front of these valued people.”

Steve Woods
Sales Manager
Duo-Fast of Knoxville, Inc.

“We have been purchasing the college football schedules from Delta Publishing for about 21 years. . . . We usually get each AM in east Tennessee 50 to 100 copies. Each year they want more because the demand seems to grow.”

Mark Boyd
Territory Manager
Applied Industrial Technologies

“We want to take this opportunity to thank you for over 10 years of wonderful service. . . . These calendars, customized with our logo and location information are eagerly anticipated by our customers each year. Many customers begin asking for them weeks before we receive them to distribute.”

George Fournier, CEO; Mark Fournier, President; Donna Nock, Vice President
Industrial Rubber & Gasket

“The main attraction for me and my outside salesmen on continuing to order these calendars is that the calendar stays on the walls of maintenance rooms and other areas of plants that we service. Fairly inexpensive ongoing advertisement!”

Creed Headrick
Branch Manager
Motion Industries

“We at American Trailer Accessories have been very satisfied with the response we have received from our customers with your NASCAR poster schedules. The popularity of NASCAR across the country has been growing at an astonishing rate. Giving our customers a good looking poster schedule that they look at on a weekly, possibly daily basis, with our company name and logo boldly at the top, has worked very well for our company. There is no other form of advertising that we are aware of that could keep our name in front of our type of customers quite like this does. Our advertising budget is small, and this gives us the most for our money in our opinion.

Thank you for keeping the poster professional looking, functional, eye catching, and reasonably priced all rolled into one. It takes all of these things to make this NASCAR poster schedule work for us, and we feel you have done an excellent job pulling it all together.”

James Warner
American Trailer Accessories