About Delta Publishing

Delta Publishing was founded by Carl F. Perry and is celebrating 30 years in business.

168346_1788016938311_884326_n[1]Carl began his career in sales working for L M Berry Yellow Pages, selling ads and listings in regional phone books. He learned the benefits of effective advertising but began to realize that there was a need for a more targeted type of advertising for commercial industrial businesses.

Carl formed Delta Publishing in 1983. Delta is dedicated to producing attractive and colorful sports calendar/schedules personalized with a company’s contact information. Although Delta has customers in many types of industries, these schedules are specifically designed for companies with an outside sales staff that sell to other businesses. When given by sales representatives directly to their potential customers, they can be sure that their name and phone number remains in front of the customer all year long. This type of targeted advertising is done for a fraction of the cost of other types of general advertising and is far more effective.

267547_2240123960704_5272761_n[1]Delta began by selling UT Schedules in East Tennessee but has now evolved into selling SEC Football schedules across eleven Southeastern states and NASCAR throughout the country.

Carl continues to run Delta Publishing with the assistance of his son, Dean, and it remains a family owned business today.